Why Cardano ?

Out of all the blockchain networks currently available on the market, we decided to build our platform on Cardano due to its potential to become the go-to platform for the future financial system. The core principles behind Cardano are aligned with Genius Yield’s goal to make decentralized finance available to everyone. We believe Cardano will enable Genius Yield to create an authentic and secure DeFi ecosystem that fosters a thriving, decentralized community.

Cardano was created to solve the scalability and security issues all blockchain networks faced. Created in 2015 by Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), it counts itself as one of the oldest blockchains in the industry. The brainchild of Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Cardano was strategically developed over the years to make DeFi available to the masses. It was designed to enable developers to build highly scalable and highly secure decentralized applications.

The blockchain’s native token, ADA, currently has a market capitalization of over $65 billion, making Cardano the fifth-largest blockchain on the market.

However, ADA’s growing market capitalization isn’t why we chose to build Genius Yield on Cardano—it was the technology underpinning it.

The Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) enables the secure transfer of ADA between addresses. Secure transfers are complemented by the Cardano Computational Layer (CCL), the smart contract logic layer of the blockchain that dictates the laws that enable the transfer of assets. The blockchain’s consensus is governed by the advanced Ouroboros protocol.

When it comes to decentralization, Cardano is also uniquely positioned on the market—the blockchain is maintained by several separate organizations and companies, effectively removing any chance of a monopoly forming over the network. As a proof-of-stake network with a high decentralization rate, Cardano cannot be easily manipulated.

The September 2021 Alonzo upgrade has cemented Cardano’s position as a leader in the DeFi revolution. The long-awaited upgrade has brought smart contract functionality to the blockchain, enabling developers to build decentralized applications. As one of Alonzo’s first pilot projects, Genius Yield aims to be the torchbearer for Cardano in the vast and sprawling DeFi space.

why Genius Yield

Why Genius Yield?

Genius Yield was created to enable users to optimize their APYs and improve the efficiency of the assets they have allocated to the decentralized digital ecosystem.

In essence, it’s a tool that provides users with the highest possible profits from yield farming on multiple exchanges.

Genius Yield’s underlying algorithm allows users to automate their yields, removing the need for complex APY analysis and manual contract executions. Through Genius Yield, the entire process of yield farming becomes fully automated—our algorithm executes contracts based on specific transaction costs, supply and demand, and liquidity.

The platform is able to handle sudden changes in liquidity pool supply quickly and efficiently. It safeguards users against the highly volatile DeFi market by constantly adjusting their asset allocation.

Our Vision A sustainable revolution for the current financial system.

Genius Yield is the answer to the problems the decentralized finance industry faces today—it’s a fully digital, highly-scalable, extremely secure, and unbiased ecosystem that enables users to seamlessly interact with the DeFi ecosystem.

We didn’t create Genius Yield to become just another yield aggregator—we created it to become the destination DeFi protocol for the crypto industry.

Our platform was created to cater to a wide variety of customers, from absolute crypto newbies to the most experienced DeFi users, supporting everyone in their journey to financial freedom.

Problem and Challenge

The current DeFi space is far too complex for the average user. Genius Yield aims to simplify it and bring it closer to the masses. With Genius, anyone can reap the benefits the world of decentralized finance offers.

Another thing making DeFi inaccessible is the security of its protocols. Centralized ecosystems such as Binance and its proprietary blockchain Binance Smart Chain (BSC) frequently fail to safeguard their users’ assets. Incidents such as flash loans and oracle manipulation have become far too common in ecosystems like this, enabled by the protocols centralized architecture and outdated smart contract programming languages.

Cardano offers a scalable and much more secure solution to this problem. It integrates Plutus, its own unique smart contract language specifically developed to facilitate the next generation of DeFi applications.

All of these features help Cardano position itself as a leading third generation blockchain.


Manually explore and select DeFi staking protocols


Swap and deposit collateral


Exit once the yield becomes unattractive


Genius Yield DEX and Farming Aggregator



The Genius Yield aggregator only invests in vetted DeFi protocols, effectively removing the risk liquidity providers face when choosing stake pools..



The Genius Yield aggregator completely automates the process of staking liquidity.



The Genius Yield aggregator selects and invests in the protocols best suited to your strategy.


Genius Yield is based on the Uniswap V3 protocol.

Concentrated liquidity, swaps, flexible fees, non-fungible liquidity, range orders.


Making DeFi easy to use for everyone

Genius Yield will offer liquidity pools on the Cardano blockchain that will allow users to utilize DeFi services in a secure environment with superior performance and scalability. The Genius Yield pools will enable users to swap their Cardano native tokens for $GENS, which can then be used to open an account on the Genius platform, for staking, and becoming a validator on the Genius protocol.

Genius was created to decentralize liquidity and put in control of the community. The protocol gives individual liquidity providers control over the price range of the assets they delegated to a particular pool. Price ranges from multiple liquidity providers are then pooled together to get a consensus range, which is then used to form the curve all users agree to trade on.

Genius Yield’s smart liquidity management feature will allow users to streamline their asset allocation and investment goals. It is a tool that provides users with access to critical information in a descriptive and easy-to-use way, allowing them to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights with advanced visualization techniques. The information provided by the Smart Liquidity Management tool will assist users in making decisions about their asset allocation and enables them to select the best possible parameters when staking. The Genius algorithm then uses those parameters to define the allocation path for their assets and ensure that the predefined investment goals are met with the least possible risk. Genius automatically builds liquidity pool (LP) tokens from bare deposit assets such as ADA.

Exit strategy

Once users decide to withdraw assets from an LP vault, Genius withdraws it back into a base asset with a limit sell. This saves users the hassle of manually adding and removing liquidity from a yield farm and keeping track of multiple yield farms.

How does it work

Genius Yield is built using complex algorithms designed by industry experts. It uses advanced data analysis and optimization techniques to automatically select the most appropriate protocol for staking at a certain point in time, providing the best possible APY to the user. Genius checks and preselects all of the liquidity pools it offers to users in order to avoid rug pulls.

- Deposit your ADA or other Cardano Native Assets into the Genius Liquidity Pool.
- Choose the number of liquidity pools you want to invest in (1 to 10)
- Set expected returns, maximum fees, risk profiles, exit strategies, and TVLs. - Watch the Genius algorithm automate your liquidity staking and choose the best possible yields.
- Generate profits.

The auto-compound feature takes the yield received from existing staking positions and re-stakes it again to maximize profits. When staking, users usually receive rewards directly to their wallets. The Genius auto-compound feature automatically stakes these rewards into another pool, providing users with a much higher yield. Users’ staked assets are then increased with each reward received, with the addition of rewards to stake pools further increasing their liquidity.

The Genius protocol leverages the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a unique way. Contrary to the standard implementations of NFTs, Genius allows LP positions to be represented as NFTs and allows those positions to be monetized, taking the protocol’s liquidity to the next level. Even a 50 dollar change in the price range can affect capital efficiency, making each position unique and therefore monetizable.

Since LPs provide liquidity only in custom price ranges, their liquidity positions in Uniswap V3 aren’t fungible. For example, ETH/DAI positions at $1,950-$2,050 and at $1,900-$2,100 are vastly different—the first one comes with a higher capital efficiency but more risk and a high possibility of inactive liquidity.

0.05% – expected for stable-coin pools like DAI/USDC
0.30% – for standard non-correlated pools like ETH/DAI
1.00% – for exotic non-correlated pairs

Upcoming versions of the Genius Yield protocol will enable users to add more flexible fees through voting.

The Futur of DeFi

Yield Optimizer driven

Decentralized finance is a booming ecosystem that has gained remarkable traction. However, despite its growing popularity, it needs to stop catering to crypto-savvy users and gain mass adoption among ordinary people.

Genius Yield was designed to fulfill the needs of both types of users by providing the highest possible yields while being simple and easy to use.

The future of DeFi will be driven by aggregators—and Genius has positioned itself at the forefront of that future. Being a multi-protocol aggregator, Genius provides users with a broad market of protocols and products. However, rather than providing a selection of protocols, Genius allows users to choose their desired yield outputs. Genius’ advanced algorithms automatically allocate user assets in multiple liquidity pools on the Cardano ecosystem, ensuring they have access to the most profitable yields.

The first phase of the Genius Yield journey will see the protocol launch on the Cardano blockchain to build the next-generation DeFi platform. Genius leverages the scalability and security provided by Cardano to provide seamless transaction shifting from one protocol to another, constantly improving the offered APY.

The Genius algorithm works according to the protocol the user wants to stake on, making it a safe and sustainable choice both for professional crypto traders and DeFi enthusiasts.

Futur of DeFi
Genius wallet

Our powerful Genius wallet

Manage your fiat deposits.

Genius Yield wants to bridge the gap between the traditional finance world and DeFi with the Genis wallet, which will offer support both for crypto and fiat currency deposits.

The Genius wallet is a highly secure, non-custodial wallet that enables fast deposits and withdrawals. As a non-custodial service, the Genius wallet has no control over its assets—all of the funds deposited into the wallet are only controlled by the users. This approach enables Genius to facilitate a trustworthy ecosystem.

Decentralized finance for everyone

DeFi concepts such as automated market makers (AMMs), liquidity pools, curving bonds, and oracles can be overwhelming to those new to the crypto industry. A knowledge gap as deep as that can deter many people from participating in DeFi and prevent the industry from reaching mass adoption.

Genius Yield doesn’t only want to help people access decentralized finance—it wants to help people understand it. That’s why we’ve launched the Genius Academy, a place where everyone can access the information they need to understand the world of DeFi.

The knowledge base in the Genius Academy is divided into different sections according to languages and level of expertise—this creates a more user-friendly environment that caters to the needs of various types of users. It also features lessons and insights from industry thought leaders, blockchain experts, and the Genius team designed to help users understand the true wonders of DeFi.



How do I take part in governance?

Users can participate in the governance of the Genius Yield protocol simply by holding $GENS tokens. Voting power is derived from the amount of $GENS users hold—the more $GENS a user holds, the bigger the voting power. This is done in order to reward the users that are more invested in the project and want to see it succeed and prosper.


Voting requires holding $GENS tokens, which can either be stored in a wallet or staked in the Genius Yield governance pool. Users are not required to remove their stake from the pool in order to vote, as the voting power is based directly on the amount of $GENS each voter holds.

Creating proposals

Anyone is able to create proposals on Genius Yield, regardless of whether they hold $GENS tokens. Each proposal consists of a question posed to the community and several answers to it that users can vote on in a given time period.



We are a team of tech entrepreneurs, functional programmers, and marketing professionals. Our mission is to combine liquidity providing with yield optimization into a powerful platform that will transform the world of DeFi.




What does a yield aggregator do ?

A yield aggregator allocates your funds automatically to appropriate DeFi protocols and allows you to get the best possible APY.

You can create an account on Genius and deposit your funds. All the platform requires is your preferred settings for investment, such as time and returns. The complex mathematical algorithms of Genius will work in the backend. It will define and execute the most appropriate path for you to achieve your goals.

Genius tokens can be used for staking and growing your wealth with time. The Genius token also acts as a governance token, and anyone holding the Genius token can take part in the critical decisions of the platform upgrades. Users can create proposals and vote on submissions by staking or holding Genius tokens in the GENS vault.

Genius does not provide any return but helps you get the best possible returns from the world of DeFi. You can deposit your funds in Genius and set the desired return. Higher returns come with higher risk, but the Genius protocol takes all the security measures to ensure your investment is safe. Using Smart Contracts, Tokens, and Crypto is always a risk. DYOR before investing.

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